Sports Broadcaster Anna Witte Talks Courage, Quarterfinal

Courage Country sat down via Zoom with Anna Witte Thursday to discuss soccer, NC Courage, and the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup. Witte’s now a pretty familiar face to Courage fans, as she’s been co-hosting pre and post-game broadcasts, along with supplemental broadcasts with interviews and analysis. With the quarterfinal underway, we got her thoughts on the Courage and their performances so far.

Courage Observations

Anna WitteWhile Witte’s journey with the North Carolina Courage officially just started last year, the sports broadcaster already become very familiar with the team and noted they played well in their first four matches of the Challenge Cup.

“I think we got what we expected out of them,” Witte said.

“They fight really hard until the end.”

Witte also recognizes and identifies with head coach Paul Riley‘s underdog mentality.

“I just don’t think they back down,” Witte said.

“They kind of have that underdog mentality, even though they’re not necessarily underdogs in this league.”

Portland vs. North Carolina Round 2

Anna WittePortland and North Carolina faced in the first match of the 2020 Challenge Cup back on Saturday, June 27. The Courage came out on top in that first meeting, winning 2-1. Witte thinks their second meeting in the quarterfinal match will be different.

“Both teams have figured out what works for them,” Witte said.

Witte said in the preliminary stage, the Portland Thorns best match was their game against the Courage.

“Lindsay Horan will be key,” Witte said.

“Rocky Rodríguez, I played with her in college. I know that she is going to be there to win for sure. She’s a phenomenal player for them. She’s a good pickup. So I think we should expect a good game. Hopefully, it’s not as low scoring.”

More on Witte

Look back in the next few days for more on Witte, her background, and her short journey with the Courage so far.

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