Learn More About the Roots of Sports Broadcaster Anna Witte

Anna Witte

With the successful NWSL Challenge Cup behind us in 2020, things have quieted down on the NWSL front. But during the Utah-based tournament, the North Carolina Courage engaged fans with extra content before, after and between games, co-hosted by the North Carolina FC-familiar announcer, Dean Linke, and adding a second host, Anna Witte, who brought her own soccer insight, knowledge, and experience. Courage Country talked to Witte before the quarterfinal round, getting Witte's thoughts about the round, but wanted to rewind and give a little more background on Witte and how she became involved with the Courage. 2133

2020 Starting XI Questions: Lindsay Agnew

Starting XI Questions

In the fourth and final match of the preliminary round, The North Carolina Courage wrapped up with a perfect record. In that final preliminary match, they also used all five allowed substitutions. That last sub brought Lindsay Agnew into the match for her first on-field action with the Courage. Courage Country sat down virtually with Agnew last night to answer our Starting XI Questions. 2076

2020 Starting XI Questions: McKenzie Meehan

The North Carolina Courage are in the final days of practice before heading west for the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup. Leading up to the tournament, we're happy to bring you a few more player interviews and articles. Courage Country sat down virtually with McKenzie Meehan as the first player we've had in back-to-back years to answer our Starting XI Questions. 1968

2020 Starting XI Questions: Sinclaire Miramontez

Starting XI Questions Sinclaire Miramontez

2020 has been one for the books, and not for any of the right reasons. One positive though is the NWSL is set to return via the NWSL 2020 Challenge Cup tournament. But in the meantime let's get to know one of the new faces to the Courage roster in 2020. Courage Country sat down with Sinclaire Miramontez as the first player to answer our 2020 Starting XI Questions. 1941

2020 Starting XI Questions: Nathan Thackeray

Nathan Thackeray 2020 featured

We're all eagerly waiting to see the back-to-back NWSL Champion North Carolina Courage return to the pitch in 2020, but in the meantime, how about we kick off the 2020 Starting XI Questions series? Courage Country sat down with assistant coach, Nathan Thackeray who works, coaches, and mentors the Courage corps of keepers to test out the 2020 Courage Country Starting XI Questions. 1855