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During the course of the 2019 season, midfielder McKenzie Meehan was one of only a few new players to hit the field for the NC Courage. Learn a little bit more about Meehan and where she was before she became a part of the NC Courage.

National Team Appearances

McKenzie MeehanBefore ever setting foot on the pitch for her college career, Meehan got called up for the U18 national team youth camp.

“That was a lot of fun — that first youth camp that I ever went to was a U-18 camp,” she said.

“It was actually the same week I was graduating from high school. But I was really excited to be there. I ended up going through the whole U20 cycle.”

But like so many athletes, injuries crept in. Meehan didn’t get to go to the U20 World Cup because of issues with her Achilles.

“It was a really exciting time because I made the roster and was exciting to be going there but then obviously very disappointing too because I couldn’t make the trip and then I had to sit out that college season,” she said.

“That was tough, but I recovered well and have gotten back on the field.”

Team Confidants

McKenzie Meehan Post-GameComing in mid-season, Meehan likely had questions about the way the team and its culture operated. Meehan said she was lucky in that she had known a couple of the Courage players beforehand

“On that U20 team I played on, I played with Cari [Roccaro] and Katelyn [Rowland],” she said.

“So that was nice to have familiar faces. Leah [Pruitt] has a locker next to me so she’s been a good friend, and it’s been fun getting to know her too. But I think everyone’s been really kind and it’s nice to live in the apartments with everybody and hang out.”

Twin Sister

McKenzie isn’t the only Meehan with soccer skills though. She has a twin sister, Madison who also played soccer with her growing up and through their college careers at Boston College.

“She was always a huge part of my soccer career,” McKenzie said.

“We always pushed and challenged each other.”

While Meehan has continued to compete in soccer, her twin sister has gone from the pitch to finance.

“She works in New York City for Stone Point Capital,” she said.

“It’s a private equity firm.”

Meehan added that her sister still at times plays soccer with friends from Boston College, but it’s a little bit more difficult in such a big city.

McKenzie Meehan Interview

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