New Primary Sponsor Revealed for 2023 NC Courage Kits

Photo courtesy of North Carolina Football Club
Yesterday the NC Courage announced a new front-of-jersey primary sponsor for both home and away kits. Merz Aesthetics becomes the new front jersey sponsor, upgrading from their previous spot on the back of the team’s kits.

Previous front-of-jersey sponsor, Continental Tire, who had been affiliated with the North Carolina Football Club since 2017 is no longer a team partner.

Merz Aesthetics and the NC Courage announced the continuation and expansion of their partnership and the “confidence meets courage” campaign. Merz Aesthetics also announced the establishing and creating of a mini pitch in Raleigh to allow residents a place to learn and play soccer.

NC Courage President Francie Gottsegen said the front-of-jersey partner is a special relationship in the soccer community.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Merz Aesthetics to this level,” Gottsegen said.

“Together, we will make a significant impact in the Triangle and their support helps us provide a world-class atmosphere for our players and fans alike. We’re proud to collaborate with a business that shares our passion for empowering women. Our joint efforts — in both business and community — speak to the evolution of our game, the value of women’s professional soccer and the great potential that lies ahead.”

Home Kit

Sullivan and Pinto in NC Courage 2023 jerseys
Photo courtesy of North Carolina Football Club
The home/primary kit continues to be the design introduced and used in the 2022 NWSL season, switching out the primary sponsor of Continental with Merz Aesthetics. The primary jersey is a red-dot patterned over a dark purple to deep navy gradient, top to bottom, with a gold stripe down the sides.

The Merz Aesthetics logo is featured prominently in white. Players’ names and numbers are in white on the back of the jersey as well.

Away Kit

Sullivan Pinto NC Courage Away Jersey 2023
Photo courtesy of North Carolina Football Club
The secondary/away kit is a new design of mainly white with a raised/ridged pattern. The NC Courage crest is ghosted with a light blue outline.

The Merz Aesthetics logo is featured prominently in a dark color. Players’ names and numbers are dark on the back of the jersey as well.

Keeper Kit

The goalkeepers have their own kits, also with the new primary sponsor. The trio of NC Courage goalkeepers of Casey Murphy, Katelyn Rowland and Marisa Bova will utilize an orange with diagonal darker orange stripes. The other goalkeeper kit was not pictured in press release material, but the goalkeeper kits tend to a limited number of colors and styles offered by Nike. They tend to be in distinct contrast to all of the clubs’ dark home/primary jerseys and the required primarily white secondary/away jerseys of the NWSL field players.

Kit Availability

Both kits are available for order online at the NC Courage official store are expected to start shipping in the middle of March.

Nike continues to manufacture and provide the kits for all NWSL teams for field players and goalkeepers alike.

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