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We’re so psyched to have our first interview in the bag for the site, and another in process. It’s fun interviewing those in and around the Courage. It gives fellow NC Courage fans a little insight and focus on the individuals. But, we’re also planning on doing a different kind of interview as well.

Starting XI QuestionsOn top of the longer-form interviews we’re scheduling for the site with Courage players, coaches, staff and fans, that have questions personalized to the player — giving fellow Courage fans a little insight into players, we’re also gearing up a mini-interview feature called, “The Starting XI Questions.”

It’s a standard set of questions we’re going to be asking the players and coaches throughout the season. It’ll be interesting to see the varied answers we get — and possibly some ones the end up being similar.

Sabrina D'Angelo InterviewWe’ll be posting the first one later this week featuring former Courage goalkeeper, Sabrina D’Angelo. Look for that shortly.

Thanks for the support, Tweets, shares, etc. We hope you enjoy the unique Courage content we’ll be generating this season and beyond.

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