2020 Starting XI Questions: Rylee Baisden

Rylee Baisden Starting XI Questions 2020

Shoring up the roster before the 2020 fall series, the North Carolina Courage signed multiple new players to the roster, including forward Rylee Baisden. For the NWSL fall series, Baisden signed a short-term contract with the club but already had some advocates already in the team with two former Pepperdine teammates in Lynn Williams and Hailey Harbison. Courage Country sat down virtually with Baisden to answer our 2020 Starting XI Questions. 2408

2020 Starting XI Questions: Lindsay Agnew

Starting XI Questions

In the fourth and final match of the preliminary round, The North Carolina Courage wrapped up with a perfect record. In that final preliminary match, they also used all five allowed substitutions. That last sub brought Lindsay Agnew into the match for her first on-field action with the Courage. Courage Country sat down virtually with Agnew last night to answer our Starting XI Questions. 2076